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Childrens Pastor Jobs in Church Ministry Positions

Childrens ministry directors minister to a broad age group with various learning styles and attention spans. From teaching basic Bible stories to applying deeper truths of the Bible, childrens ministers have an awesome responsibility. This MinistrySearch site was built to help childrens pastors find a match for their style of ministry.

Using the MinistrySearch site is, well, childs play.

First, childrens ministry coordinators can read through the information provided here and on the MinistrySearch home page.

Secondly, childrens pastors can follow links provided to the "View Listings" page, where they can view ads placed by churches and other organizations. A children's ministry category is provided. Reply to any ad of interest.

Thirdly, the "Add Listings" page is provided so childrens ministry coordinators, childrens directors, and childrens pastors can place their own ad for the site's thousands of weekly visitors to see. This ad can be accompanied by an online resume in the free additional web space provided by MinistrySearch.

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